Flavored Malts

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Crunk Juice Flavored Malt Beverage


The granddaddy of them all, Axehead is a true malt liquor that packs a punch. The malty aroma and flavor is moderately hopped to give it superb balance for a malt liquor. But don’t let the smooth taste fool you …it really is 11% alcohol by volume.

Crunk Juce Flavored Malt Beverage

Crunk Juce

Crunk Juce is quickly becoming everyone’s favorite malt beverage! These products are coming in hot at 12% alcohol and provide a smooth, fruity taste. Crunk Juice is available in Fruit Punch, Grape and Watermelon Flavors.

Lytt Flavored Malt Beverage
Lytt Flavored Malt Beverage
Lytt Flavored Malt Beverage


Lytt high gravity Premium Malt beverage uses the cleanest filtered clear malt base in the U.S. Unique and bold flavor is added along with a balanced amount of sweetener. All of our flavors are infused with Guarana for that exotic taste that will smooth out any remaining offnotes from the malt. The result is a cutting edge perfectly balanced premium Malt beverage.

In our quest to use only the most relevant, trending and original flavors, we developed LYTT Hard Cherry Lime. The taste of sweet cherries and sour limes make this beverage perfect, whether enjoyed chilled or as a cocktail mixer.

We knew we couldn’t go wrong with a tropical tweak on the classic fruit punch. Why reinvent the wheel when you can give it a twist?

We use the finest black tea leaves and natural peach flavor to brew LYTT Hard Peach Tea. No artificial flavors or colors, just summer goodness in a big can!

Rhinelander Shorty - Kansas

Rhinelander Hard Root Beer and Sodas

Crafted to Perfection

The year was 1920, and the US government had outlawed the sale of alcohol. But that didn’t spell the end of a brewery that had been crafting tradition since 1845, it just meant we had to brew things a little differently.

Our brewery survived those dark days by making non-alcoholic root beer and certain other products that may not have entirely been keeping within the spirit of Prohibition…

Good sense eventually prevailed, of course, and taps once again flowed (legally) across the land. Now, nearly a century later, we’re remixing history and saluting our predecessors’ perseverance and innovation with our first Alcoholic Craft Root Beer.

Over the Barrel Root Beer is batch-brewed with the best 2-row malted barley in the world and only the finest real cane sugar, and infused with creamy vanilla, aromatic nutmeg, spicy cinnamon and other spices to be the perfect blend of tradition and flavor.