For a quart of Ale is a meal for a King. - William Shakespeare
Blumer's Moonshine - Wichita, Kansas - Speakeasy Distribution

Blumer’s Moonshine

The Minhas Craft Brewery, located across the street from Minhas Micro Distillery, is the oldest brewery in America and has been located in downtown Monroe WI since 1845.

Named The Blumer Brewing Company at the time, Fred J. Blumer took over as President of the brewery upon the death of his father. In early 1920, the US federal Government implemented the 18th Amendment to the constitution prohibiting the manufacture, sale or consumption of alcohol throughout the country. Prohibition was also called “A Noble Experiment” which was supposed to eradicate almost all the society’s ills — gambling, lawlessness, rowdy behavior and give citizens better work ethic and family life.

In order to survive, the Blumer Brewing Company, like other breweries, started producing “Near Beer” under the brand name Golden Glow Near Beer. Blumers’ business survived by making their “Near Beer” by making high quality “real beer” and then boiling off the alcohol using the finest distillation equipment called A “de-alcoholizer”. The boiled off alcohol was supposed to have been discarded into the sewage system but not all of this very high quality Blumers Moonshine ended up being “wasted”.

The people referred to the Blumers Moonshine as Distilled Gold – for its very high quality. It was in great demand in the Speakeasies in Chicago and commanding a super premium price.

Blumers Moonshine was of such high quality and so popular that various Chicago mafia members who supplied thousands of speakeasies were competing against each other for the Blumers Moonshine and paying top dollar. Fred Blumer was living the good life and even had a vacation place in the area of Little Bohemia, Wisconsin, a favorite hangout of Al Capone and other Chicago mafia where so called Public Enemies – John Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson and other gangsters of the time hung out and the famous shootout between FBI agents and these gangsters occurred.

Titanium Vodka 10x

Titanium 10x Distilled Vodka

An extremely competitive and heated race has been taking place between distillers for a few centuries with the goal to make the cleanest tasting Vodka possible. Some have tried to distil glacier water and others have tried to make theirs in Cognac distilleries. In the end, technology has triumphed all these attempts. Titanium Vodka uses unique brewing, cutting edge filtration technology and time-honored traditional distilling techniques to make the cleanest tasting Vodka possible-produced by any distillery, sold at any price.

We start with 2 row malt and we add pure water coming from the natural limestone filtration from 1,200 feet below the surface. Then we add our proprietary yeast strain to start the fermentation process. The blend is then left for almost a month in our 800 barrel horizontal stainless steel tanks to convert sugar to alcohol. Interestingly, other distillers use only 3 to 5 days of fermentation in their production. After this, we send the stream through a specialized filtration process at extremely high pressure that uses a cutting edge Nano Filtration process followed by a unique Reverse Osmosis method.

The final result is a flavorless, clear spirit at 16% alcohol by volume. The spirit we have at this point is as clear as the competitor’s final product, and we have not even started distillation. This stream is converted to Titanium Vodka by distilling it in small batches using a pot still vessel not much different than the finest single malt Scotches and Cognacs, followed with fractionation distillation in our tall distillation columns 10 times before it is hand packaged in our custom made glass bottles.

Titanium Vodka is 10 times distilled and it’s the clearest Vodka in the market which makes the best tasting martinis and cocktails. It is made exclusively from natural ingredients, and unlike other vodkas, it doesn’t contain any added sugar or glycerine. In fact Titanium is as pure as vodka can be. Still, that purity has a certain taste: Rich, full-bodied and complex, yet smooth and mellow with a distinct character of grain, followed by a hint of dried fruit

Polo Club Dry Gin

Polo Club Dry Gin


Pour yourself a small glass of the Polo Club American Gin and gave the glass a tilt and slow swirl. A nice oily sheen imparts on the inside of the glass, and after a moment or two, a few long slender legs begins to run down the inside of the glass. The slender legs are an indication of the higher than normal alcohol strength of the Polo Club Gin or indicates a lightly oily texture which may give this spirit a little length in the finish.

As you nose the glass, an assertive juniper aroma (reminiscent of spruce boughs) climbs up into the breezes
accompanied by lightly sweet zesty scents of lemon and lime citrus. One also detects a very light pungent spiciness similar to ginger and cardamom which lay somewhat hidden in between more assertive juniper and citrus. The spiciness increased slowly coming out of the shadows and becomes the dominant characteristic of the nose


The entry onto the palate brings forward a firm pungent spiciness which contains an obvious influence of coriander but also subtle hints of ginger and cardamom. The flavor profile is lightly bitter juniper and zesty lemon citrus flavors imbedded within those pungent spices. The spiciness increases and some coriander comes through. You catch more glimpses of ginger and building rye spices as well. There is also a firm impression of black licorice within the flavor and perhaps a hint of lemon grass.


The gin exits with the flavors of juniper, coriander and black licorice assuming the starring role during the finale. The citrus flavors lingers in the shadows during the finish. Amazing Gin!



The Hernandez family is legendary in Guadalajara for their horchata – a creamy liqueur that has been enjoyed for centuries in Latin America, Spain and even ancient Egypt for centuries. Grandma Hernandez won’t be too happy with her heirs, but they shared their secret recipe with us so the rest of the world can finally enjoy this refreshing elixir as MAYA HORCHATA.

MAYA HORCHATA is made with rum from the birthplace of rum, Barbados. We add real dairy cream, a touch of cinnamon, a splash of vanilla and, of course, Grandma Hernandez’s secret ingredients. For those of us not fortunate enough to enjoy an ice-cold glass in Grandma Hernandez’s kitchen, MAYA HORCHATA can be stored after opening at room temperature for up to 6 months.

You can enjoy MAYA HORCHATA straight up, on the rocks or in place of any cream liqueur (especially those from the Irish) in favorite recipes such as a White Russian, Mudslide or B-52.

Just don’t tell Abuelita Hernandez how you got your hands on it.

St. Patrick's Irish Cream

St Patrick’s Irish Cream

A Blend of Fresh Cream and Real Irish Whisky

St Patrick’s Irish Cream Liqueur Drink is a blend of fresh cream and real Irish whisky. Thick and rich, this Irish cream liqueur drink has a full palate of pleasing notes including mocha, latte, nutmeg and toffee without a strong aftertaste.

When you’re making your list and checking it twice, make sure to add St Patrick’s Irish Cream Liqueur drink. In coffee, on the rocks or in a decadent dessert cocktail, nothing tastes like the flavor of Irish Cream and nothing tastes quite like Blarney’s Irish Cream Liqueur drink. In fact, our Irish cream liqueur drink is the second best selling Irish cream liqueur drink in Alberta. Why? St Patrick’s Irish Cream Liqueur drink is made using only the finest cream and single malt Irish Whisky along with chocolate, caramel and other natural flavors to create the best tasting Irish Cream Liqueur drink possible. Exceptional taste and outstanding value, we don’t skimp on quality when it’s time to spread good cheer!

Creamy and scrumptious, St Patrick’s Irish Cream Liqueur drink is delicious alone or in a cocktail. In fact, a drink recipe using our Irish cream liqueur tastes so good, one drink is just not enough, you’ll definitely be going back to the bar to mix another!

Chinook tequilas - Wichita, Kansas - Speakeasy Distribution

Chinook Tequila

Available in Gold or Silver in 1.75L or 1.0L bottles. Value liquor.

Chinook Vodka - Minhas distillery - Speakeasy Distribution - Wichita, Kansas

Chinook Vodka

Available in 1.75L or 1.0L bottles. Value liquor.

Minhas distillery - Speakeasy Distribution - Wichita, Kansas

Chinook Gin

Available in 1.75L or 1.0L bottles. Value liquor.

Speakeasy Distribution - Wichita, Kansas
Speakeasy Distribution - Wichita, Kansas
Speakeasy Distribution - Wichita, Kansas
Speakeasy Distribution - Wichita, Kansas
Speakeasy Distribution - Wichita, Kansas
Speakeasy Distribution - Wichita, Kansas
Speakeasy Distribution - Wichita, Kansas

Le Compte

Speakeasy Distribution - Wichita, Kansas
Speakeasy Distribution - Wichita, Kansas
Speakeasy Distribution - Wichita, Kansas

LeMarrque Armagnac

Nose : floral (lime blossom), hint of vanilla, fresh plum, mint.
Palate : lasting freshness, caramel, vanilla, candied citrus fruits, prune.

Nose : caramelised sugar, gingerbread, vanilla, white flower.
Palate : sweet, prune, quince, woody, hint of liquorice.

Nose : fresh walnuts, prune, liquorice, dried fruits, caramel.
Palate : elegance, bitter cocoa, grilled almonds, vanilla, liquorice, prune, orange zest.

Minhas distillery - Speakeasy Distribution - Wichita, Kansas

Dehner Distillery

Minhas distillery - Speakeasy Distribution - Wichita, Kansas


Tekiller has been Handcrafted to be the Best. This elegant and smooth, gluten free Tequila has to be the next great thing you try.

Minhas distillery - Speakeasy Distribution - Wichita, Kansas

Gold Star Vodka

Gold Star Vodka was created in order to give back to the Families, who lost a loved one in the armed forces while serving in the global war on terrorism, and to Veterans who came home with the physical and emotional scars of that war. $2 from the sale of each bottle, goes to these truly worthy causes.

Minhas distillery - Speakeasy Distribution - Wichita, Kansas

Tortuga Rum

The Tortuga brand is well-known for its Rum Cake by the 40 million annual Caribbean tourists and cruise passengers. Introducing Tortuga 5 & 12 Year old Rum …..tasting notes from the International Cane Spirits Competition, the Tortuga 5 Year Gold Rum possessed: “Rich and elegant aromas of toasted almonds and toffee with peaches and pears; sweet and delicious avours of mashed dates, raisin wine and coffee, with a tannic backbone – a sipper’s delight; complex nish – lovely, balanced and complicated,” while the Tortuga 12 year Gold Rum was described as: “smooth and balanced aromas of cooked tropical fruits and coffee cake – molasses, cocoa and spices; lots of sweetness – maple sugar, hazelnut, apricots, vanilla and caramel; sweet and smooth, with a very fresh, bright and charming nish; excellent length and developing complexity.” Tortuga unveils this ne packaging and invites you to enjoy these superb spirits.

Tortuga 5 yr: Brown rum distilled from fermented molasses. Aged 5 years in used whisky and bourbon barrels. Bottled at 40% alcohol by volume.

Awards: Gold Medal 2007 Ministry of Rum Tasting Competition